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Tips for Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Colors for Siding and Doors

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Exterior Paint Color Tips

As a recent article in the Journal Sentinel points out, the richness of Milwaukee’s history can be appreciated through its residential architecture, in which every home tells a distinctive story. TruVista can help you add your own unique chapter to your home’s story through our extensive selection of exterior paint color options. We know that selecting the perfect color scheme for your home exterior can be equal parts exciting and daunting. In this article, we’ll provide useful tips for choosing the right exterior paint colors for your home’s siding and doors.

Choosing the right colors can transform your home’s exterior, increase its curb appeal, and reflect your personal style. When deciding on new paint color combinations for your home’s siding and doors, it helps to take the following factors into consideration:

Color Contrast

Complementary colors stand opposite from one another on the color wheel. Using contrasting, harmonious exterior paint gives your home a dynamic, eye-catching look. In its purest form, a high contrast color scheme would involve two opposing colors, such as red and green. White siding? You can’t go wrong with classic black for the door and accents.

color contrast
seafoam siding

Analogous Colors

If contrast isn’t your thing, consider using analogous colors. These are neighboring colors on the color wheel that are often employed in combinations of three as part of a home’s exterior color scheme. Using one of these colors for your siding, its neighbor for your door, and the third color for accents and trim brings down the contrast and creates a more serene vibe.

Color Triad

A color triad is formed by selecting one color on the color wheel, along with the colors on either side of the complementary color directly opposite it. This gives you an interesting combination of three colors with minimal contrast.

Window Styles
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Color Temperature

Another reliable method of deciding on the right color palette for your home’s exterior is to go with either warm tones (shades of brown, yellow, orange, red), or cool tones (black, gray, blue, purple, green). This ensures a compatible combination of colors, and offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to contrast.

Choosing a Front Door Color

So, you’ve picked a siding color that you love, but how do you complete the new look to maximize your home’s curb appeal? Your choice of door color can enhance your siding, add a splash of color, and tie together the various elements of your home’s exterior. Here are some of the factors to take into consideration when deciding on a door color:

Siding and Accent Colors

If you’re going with a neutral, light color for your siding, you’ll want a darker color choice for your door, accents, and trim. For white siding, a darker shade of gray might work for the trim, with greige or taupe highlights and a rich copper for the door. Going with gray siding? Consider black, charcoal gray, or a dark green for the trim and shutters, and make the front door pop by painting it a vibrant red.

house with a red door
modern house with turquoise exterior

Architectural Style

The style of your home can inform your choice of door color. Traditional homes will look best with doors in white, black, dark gray, slate blue, sage green, or red. Modern houses might benefit from bolder door colors, such as lime green, turquoise, dark purple, bright yellow or orange, and jet black.

Resale Value and ROI

When it comes to gaining the attention of potential buyers, going with a black or charcoal gray can up a home’s resale value by over $6,000

window and siding resale valule

Incorporating Color Into Exterior Home Design Ideas

While your choice of siding color will help narrow down your choice of door color, there are other elements of your home’s exterior design that you will need to keep in mind when deciding on your color palette. These include:

house with foliage

Fixed Elements

These include features of your home’s exterior like the roof, driveway, landscaping, or any brick or stonework which you should take into account when deciding on a color scheme. For example, existing stonework may be complemented by white siding, pebble gray trim, and dark blue for the shutters and door. Varying shades of green may work for a home surrounded by lush foliage. Matching your door to the color of your roof can also tie the exterior together.

Accent and Trim Colors

In addition to the door color, your choice of accent color can add depth and greatly enhance the look of your home’s exterior. Accents can include windows, shutters, trim, facia, soffits, and eavestroughs. Choose an accent color that harmonizes with your siding choice. The door color can be the same as that of the other accents, or you may decide to go with a bolder hue.

house with accent

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